Saturday, 3 October 2015

Tignes 2015 - The Movie

As promised in a post I made earlier in the year - 'Tignes January 2015'. Here is the FULL video that I edited for Staffordshire University Snowsport Club's visit to Tignes in January 2015. 

I've not really done much video editing before, in fact, this is my first attempt editing a video on any program other than windows movie maker. I recently bought myself an iMac before my student discount ran out so that I had the power to edit my gopro videos, and I've never really used anything other than windows before. So here we go, a video that I've tried my best to edit on iMovie. Please leave me a comment with any hints/tips if you have edited videos before, I'm open to constructive criticism. 

Excuse the tiny post. If you want to read more about our trip to Tignes, I'd suggest reading the post I linked above as I wrote about it in depth there.

Emma :)

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Return of Mountain Girl!

As you're all aware I haven't posted in 5 months, terrible of me, I know! However, I am back, with good news, lots of exciting upcoming posts and videos. I've done lots of exciting things over the summer and gone to lots of exciting places that you guys will find out about soon enough.

So first, the good news, I received over 1000 votes for the Simply Hike Climbing Blogger of the Year thanks to you guys and I WON!! I got a beautiful trophy that I will upload a picture of it at a later date, however I'm still waiting for my 'goodies' which I'll do a review of when I receive.

Have a look at the other winners and finalists here:

Unfortunately with good news also comes sad news, I was unable to complete my trip up Jebel Toubkal that I'd mentioned in a previous post due to the doctors telling me I couldn't as I had a chest infection. I still went to Morocco to have a 'relaxing' holiday that I will do a short post about. However, this has reaffirmed my dislike of beach and sun holidays. I need adventure and excitement to keep me occupied!

I will post more soon, I promise!

Thanks for bearing with me in my absence,

Emma :)